Two years ago the idea was launched, today it was finally realized. Thursday 27th of April we had the pleasure of officially opening TSVs very own Workbar & Reception.

The program went off early in the morning with breakfast and fresh coffee, arranged by and for Schibsted Vekst and the other startups located at TSV.

After breakfast was digested it was time for the official opening by Oslo’s byråd Raymond Johansen. What a pleasure it was to see our little bar crowded full of engaged people!

– We have to understand the obstacles we are facing today, and by that take advantage of the opportunities technology offers. Workplaces will disappear and new businesses will arise. Entrepreneurs are todays idealist’s. It is a huge opportunity to be a part of such a network as TSV, and I think this place will change and develop the whole district of Tøyen, byråd Johansen said to the crowd.

Chairman of TSV’s board, Fredrik Syversen could tell the crowd that he was moved to see the result after two years of hard work.

– I do believe in cooperation and synergies between the smaller and the bigger IT companies. Hopefully TSV will work as a catalyst for a lot of fun and magic. As long as you like it here I think we well see a whole lot of this at TSV, he said.

One of them who made this possible was Einar Kleppe Holthe, who also was one of the founders of Fuglen and Vingen Bar in Oslo.

– I wanted to create a micro universe, a reception for the entire district. Most of all I hope TSV will be one of the most important areas for innovation in Norway, if not in the whole world, Holthe stated.

Schibsted Vekst, which have their office at TSV was represented by Christian Horn Hanssen.

– We want to take a part in this specific sphere of value creation, and by that also invest in the startups here at TSV. We fell in love with this independent arena which makes it possible for the people and startups involved to create value between them. Apart from the economic value, we also desire to make something for the locals here at Tøyen, he said at the opening.

The rest of the opening program contained among others live piano playing by Maren Selvaag, various artists from the local MORRADI, a presentation of the idea from process to opening by Einar Kleppe Holthe, and a guided tour through TSV’s facilities.

A big thank you to all of you who made this happen!