Too Good To Go

Founded in Denmark at the end of 2015 by a group of friends, Too Good To Go is an
environmental social enterprise dedicated to reducing food waste.


Nyby is a digital tool that connects resources and needs in our community. Nyby makes it easy to ask for help, and easy to contribute. For all. Nyby connects people.

Nyby is an app, but we like to think of it as a new way of organizing the welfare community.



The future of movie marketing: From discovery to conversation, consumption and a lasting relationship Filmgrail is a movie utility and community that lets users see all the ways that a movie is available. It lets users track movies they want to see by quickly adding them into their watchlist, get alerts for any new availability, create custom collections and share their collections socially. Consumers can find any movie and its availability across all windows and a growing number of platforms online and offline, including: in theaters, on network and cable television, on S-VOD/T-VOD and on DVD/Blu- ray*. Filmgrail is a mobile first service available as a native app for iOS and Android. Filmgrail can also be accessed on and will be delivered directly to consumers on third party services like set-top boxes and OTT solutions powered by Filmgrail.



Janic Heen
Janic Heen is an Oslo based writer/director working with film and television.


Zentropa is currently the largest production company in Scandinavia and is well known for the movies: A Royal Affair, Antichrist, Clown – the movie, Melancolia, Dogville.

Gaia Film AS

Gaia Film AS was founded in February 2016, and is owned – and managed – by producer Therese Naustdal.

Data Factory



Lighting Designer 
Lighting designer with focus on process. Passionate about perception and psychology, urbanization and sustainability. Easily inspired, love!
Interested in the field of Design Management, Design Thinking and urban design. The field of design is developing fast, and are more and more tied to the fields of organizational development and structuring, and the innovation processes. I love change!

Pawel Dominiak
Magnus Rørvik Skjølberg is like an “Airbnb” for sports halls and other training facilities.

Alis in Adland

Marketing & Design Freelancer, mainly working with Startups.
Christopher Hoffiktlogo

IKT Norge

Christopher Hoff

Permanent employment for IKT Norge since June, specializing on their Interreg-project within innovation.


Jinn-Merethe Janson, project leader.

What we do: ByVerkstedet is an ideal organization. We focus on arranging creative workshops for carpenting, bike repair and other crafts. Our ambition is that as many as possible – children and youths in particular – can have the opportunity to experience the joy of creating and mastering through creative work. In our mini workshop at Tøyen Torg we arrange open workshops for children, youths and other people from the area. Our goal is to be a sustainable workshop for the people that support quality craftsmanship, design and the experience of mastery and success.
Facebook: ByVerkstedet


Ledidi develops solutions for surgeons and scientists within the field of medicine. Their mission is to contribute to a better health care system by organizing and systematizing patient data in order to create a sturdier fundament for decision-making. Their products are meant to simplify, shorten and improve the process inherent in clinical projects.


Startup CFO

Startup CFO will help you get a better understanding and overview of your company’s finances. We focus on making things comprehensible to most people and happily helping those who “have it in with teaspoon”. No question is too stupid.


Change IT

Change IT is a small agency in rapid development. It is committed to keeping quality in deliveries.


Roji As

Creating a GPS tracking service


Home Match – A Coordination App for Families



Builds battery technology to control power consumption


Driver with data analysis – big data



Creating a car sharing service – big in Denmark, now they are trying to enter the Norwegian market


Nord & Natt

Nord & Natt is a Norwegian-inspired townshop restaurant at Tøyen Torg, right at the T-junction of Hagegata 22.


Anne Karine Thorbjornsen

Fashion designer, won the Oslo Runway in 2016, selling clothes in Seoul

britebrite team


UX (User experience) and digital solutions


Hjemmekampen AS

The home game is the service that answers the perpetual problem – who makes the most of home? Write up lists of housework and get points every time you’ve solved a task.