Sunny from Telia shares her experience of running a
design sprint at Tøyen Startup Village.

Last week 15 people from Telia joined our coworkingspace at Tøyen Startup Village. I challenged Sunny on Friday to share her experience of working outside the Telia office, and here it is:

“It was a typical freezing winter morning. My colleague, Iselin, and I met up at the place called Tøyen Torg. We have been facilitating design sprint week in Telia. And we have a mission today – find an awesome place to run the design sprint onwards and more collaborative events outside our office.

What’s wrong with running the workshop inside the office?

The answer is quite simple: Focus, the major key of making a successful sprint. People are often “distracted” by the regular meetings and calls when in office. Being together in the same room outside office (and with no device rule in the design sprint) assures the team full focus on doing an excellent job in the sprint.

So here we are, inside “the village”. I looked around this place, lots of glass door, cozy couch, wooden furniture, meeting rooms with white boards, VR entertainment room, and white wall strike a balance between minimalism and comfort. It was fun. It was inspirational. It was perfect for our design sprint! We spent the full week running design sprint here. Not only did we get fruitful end results from the sprint, but also receive positive feedback from everyone with regards to Tøyen Startup Village:

Convenient location 

Next to Tøyen subway station makes it much easier for us to recruit people for user testing. Close to all the grocery stores, restaurants, and cafes keeps our energy high during this intensive week.

Diverse backgrounds

There is quite a variety of startups and expertise in the Tøyen Startup Village, from the medical contract, lighting, living quality of senior citizen, film production, data processing, food waste prevention and smart energy, to futuristic fashion. This continuously growing community encourages us much with the fresh perspectives and new opportunities to explore.

Cool Startup vibe

We joined the Friday beer and had a blast trying the VR games. We mingled around with the people super passionate about their work. Some of the people that come here work on their projects between jobs. The cool vibe makes an open and inspirational space for helping people pursue their dreams.

Tøyen startup Village is the place where the magic happens. And I look forward to running more design sprints and collaborative events in Tøyen Startup Village!”

Thank you for sharing Sunny! It was great having you here! We’ll see you again already this week, so this collaboration looks good! I hope your experience will inspire more established companies to work outside their corporate offices!