Coworking Innovators Jam



SV is happy to announce the launching of our coworking space the 17th of September, and what a better way to celebrate this than organizing a Coworking Innovators Jam, between entrepreneurs and urban planners!
TSV is not only a coworking community, but aims at being a coworking society, a part of the urban fabric and local conditions!
Coworking is now becoming common place in the Oslo setting. Freelancers, entrepreneurs and traveling businesspeople etc. are more drawn to these social workspaces of co-existence, as we all know… Working alone can be lonesome. If coworking is defined by its people of different employment and across professions, isn’t it then of great interest to see the potentials of collaborations and end-results between these people? TSV wants to explore this, and also invites professionals in urban planning into the mix!
Why should you join?
– Create a better connection with like minded colleagues;
– Share your experience and learn from others;
– Discover new ways to collaborate and achieve common outcomes;
– Accelarate your learning;
– Validates and builds on existing knowledge and good practice;

Hagegate 23

If you get lost:

Call : 98026496

or tweet: @Toyenstartup



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