About us:

TSV is a startup village located at Tøyen Torg, close to the city centre, cafes, bars and recreation facilities. Easy accessible by metro & bus.

Together we are making a startup village for entrepreneurs and startups who are creating value for society, in a friendly and sharing environment!

In our startup village we offer flexi-desks, fixed desks, studios, meeting rooms, event space for 200 people and a Workbar & Reception.

At the public square we run TSV Workbar and Reception where all visitors are warmly welcomed, you can stay and work for free, and enjoy a good cup of coffee. The TSV Workbar also hosts different events, e.g we have a Virtual Reality Club every Tuesday from 15-18 where you can paint, hunt zombies or discover the world from above or from the sea.

At the 2nd floor in the neighbor building we have available fixed desks, studies, meeting rooms and a large auditorium available for rent, hosting up to 200 people.

Our official opening was late April 2017 and we now have 27 startups and entrepreneurs as members, consisting of people working within a broad field of urban development. We have architectects, app-developers, web- and UX-designers, big data companies and creators of the next welfare services, we have a fashion designer, a fintech-startup, a film-hub, a startup working on saving energy and another one on saving the environment by preventing food waste. We believe when people from different knowledge fields and sectors meet in physical spaces, magic will happen!

We also work on building good partnerships with larger companies, both private, public, big and small. We have a partnership with Oslo and Akershus University College, so we can collaborate on entrepreneurship and research. We also have a partnership with Schibsted Growth and Telia, creating events, seminars, product-launch, jams and hackatons.

We are also interested in national and international collaboration, and by now our members can visit CoWorx in Kristiansand, The Trampery in London, Betahaus in Berlin, Sofia, Hamburg and Barcelona. We love to welcome international entrepreneurs visiting Oslo! We will do everything we can to you a nice stay, and hopefully a lot of inspiration for your next steps in the startup scene!


The entrepreneurial environment in Norway is still young and the potential for further development is huge . One of the proposals that received great attention in the discussion about the Oslo innovation ecosystem was to strengthen the Norwegian startup scene with ” Startup Village Toyen ” a initiative from IKT-Norge, the Norwegian Tech Industry Association .